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We are engaged in trade of agricultural products, namely: grains, tobacco, oil, food and flowers.
Also we are engaged in various kinds of deliveries of the equipment, spare parts and transport of various kinds.
We are engaged in wholesale and retail deliveries of consumer goods, textiles, fabrics and clothes.
We provide a full cycle of logistics services and provide pleasant transportation services.

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“AB COMPANY GIDA TARIM TEKSTIL VE DIS TICARET A.S.” is a company that deals in agricultural products, textiles, clothing, consumer goods, equipment and transport.

We also provide quality services in logistics and transport services.

Our mission is to provide quality services to provide your business with everything it needs. For this purpose we carry out all our orders in time with all certificates of quality!
We have extensive experience in logistics, even in the most difficult transportation – we will find the best solution for you!

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Kovalenko Mykhaylo


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